How Your Social Media Images Help Your SEO

Image: Flickr, Mrs. Gemstone

Hi there!

Did you know the images you upload and post to your social profiles can help your SEO?

Two of the ways this can be done is by the size of your image, and the name you give it.

Images that have high resolution/are large files will slow down the time it takes your site to load, causing impatient viewers to leave your site quickly and move on.

This can hurt your SEO.

Aim to strike a balance between the quality and size of your image.

In addition, what you save your image as makes a difference.

For example, saving your LinkedIn profile photo as photo1.jpg does nothing to help the site identify what’s in your photo, thereby not allowing you to show up in relevant search results.

Naming your photo instead with your first and last name, on the other hand, helps potential clients and business contacts find your image more easily.

Remember: Use a good size/resolution for your image, and use a descriptive name for its file.

This will help optimize your SEO.

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