Generational Shifts in Social Media

Image: Flickr, Foto_Michel

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I'm so glad to be back blogging with you--things have been incredibly busy over these last few months but now that I have more help at the office, I can return to blog with you!

We're seeing a couple of interesting trends in social media lately. One is that younger audiences are moving more and more towards mobile apps. A recent article by AdWeek points out that not only are these app users more active than on social networks, but they're using these to shop more as well. For marketers targeting this younger demographic, this is important since they'll need to adapt to where their audiences are in regards to social media.

Another (surprising) trend is also occurring; senior citizens are beginning to use social media more and more. HuffingtonPost recently published an article outlining this trend and explaining that this demographic is learning how to use these platforms in order to stay connected to their younger loved ones.

I once heard it said at South by Southwest in an interesting way: Social media is used by younger generations to stay in touch with those next to them, whereas social media is used by senior citizens to stay in touch with those far away from them. 

Depending on what demographic your brand is targeting, it's important to stay on top of these trends to ensure your company is present on the same platforms your audience is on, and not getting left behind when they shift locations.

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