How to Manage Your LinkedIn Endorsements

Image: Flickr, Ken Teegarden

Hi there!

We all receive LinkedIn endorsements, but how do you manage them?

Endorsements help you be known (and found!) for the skills you possess.

You want to make sure you’re being endorsed for the skills that will help your career the most.

Here’s how:
Set up the Skills and Endorsements section of your LinkedIn profile.

If you don’t have one, go to “Edit Profile” and click on “Skills” to the right.

You can then add up to 50 skills that will show as options for people to endorse you for.

If there are skills listed you don’t want to be known for, click the “x” next to the skill.

You should receive a notification when you receive an endorsement to add it to your profile.

If it’s not a skill you want to promote, click the “skip” button on the notification and it won’t show on your profile.

The skills that do show on your profile will be ordered by most endorsements received.

If a skill you don’t want is near the top, click “edit profile”, scroll down to the “Skills and Expertise” section, click “edit”, then click “Manage Endorsements”.

Click the skill you want to manage and the people who endorsed you for it will show to the right.

By un-checking any boxes in the show/hide list, you’ll decrease your endorsements by the number of boxes you un-check.

Keep un-checking until your endorsed skills are reordered and the skill you don’t want drops to the bottom of your list, or off your list completely.

Remember, your LinkedIn profile is similar to your personal brand.

The skills you are endorsed for help build that brand, so don’t be shy about adding the skills you want to be known for and hiding the ones not relevant to you.

It’s also a good idea to do a clean-up of your skills/endorsements about once a quarter to ensure they’re on point.

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