What Breaks a Hashtag

Image: Flickr, ecodallaluna

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Have you ever had a hashtag that didn’t work? By “work”, I mean it didn’t become a hyperlink once you tweeted it. If so, it may be because you broke one of Twitter’s rules for hashtags.

Here’s what NOT to do when incorporating a hashtag into your tweet:

-Don’t include only numbers in your hashtag.

For example, #2014 will not hyperlink. You must attach it to a word or phrase, such as #2014Marketing or #Marketing2014.

-Don’t include numbers or letters before your hashtag.

For example, 2014#HCK2Marketing will not work, nor will HCK2#Marketing2014. You must include a space before your hashtag.

-Don’t include punctuation in your hashtag.

If you do, your hashtag will break right before your punctuation mark. For example, #that’scrazy will break before your apostrophe and only “#that” will hyperlink. As you can imagine, “#that” is not exactly a great way to categorize your conversation.

Hope this helps!

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