These 3 Things Make a Facebook Post Great

Image: Flickr, Carmela Nava

Have you ever wondered what makes a Facebook post great?

The most successful posts by brands and companies tend to be compelling, shareable, and persuasive.

Compelling: The post grabs your attention and is visually stunning. (Note: Facebook is working to make images more and more crucial.)

Shareable: The post is appealing and inoffensive to a general audience. In other words, it’s usually rated G or PG, maximizing its potential to be shared widely.

Persuasive: The post convinces you to take an action, such as clicking a link, watching a video, etc. This call to action is tied to helping the business achieve one of its greater goals, such as generating more leads or raising brand awareness.

Next time you see a Facebook post that’s been widely shared/liked/commented on, check for these 3 characteristics.

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