Scrub Your Social Media Profiles Regularly

Image: Flickr, Keith Williamson

Happy New Year!

Part of maintaining a strong online presence is to “sweep” your social media profiles each quarter of anything that portrays you in an unprofessional or negative light.

This includes un-tagging yourself from any questionable photos as well as “unliking” any page that may reflect you negatively.

Log out of all your profiles and then search yourself to see what comes up.

Remove any content you’re not comfortable with and adjust your privacy settings to prevent future mishaps.

Review past posts/tweets to see which ones resonated the most with your audience…and which ones didn’t.

This helps shape your strategy for the future as well as note any lessons learned.

I once heard it said this way: Keep your profiles light, bright and polite.

A monthly sweep of your profiles can help you achieve this.

Hope you had a great holiday,