Sweden's Twitter account is run by its citizens

Image: Flickr, John

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Did you know Sweden’s official Twitter account (@Sweden) is run by a different citizen of its country each week?

This began as an experiment 4 years ago by the country to attract tourists by giving the world a glimpse into its daily life, culture, and people.

Citizens can apply to run the country’s handle and are lightly vetted on their background and writing skills.

They’re given few guidelines, such as refraining from using the account for illegal activity.

Otherwise, they’re given freedom to discuss anything they’d like, from their opinions and beliefs to daily events.

Tweets are not pre-approved.

Although the experiment hasn’t shown strong evidence of boosting Sweden’s tourism, and definitely runs huge risks (one citizen posted several highly offensive tweets), the idea is an innovative one.

Many organizations have followed suit and tried different versions of this model on their own social media channels.

Sweden, meanwhile, has continued the experiment and a new citizen still runs its account each week.

If you’re curious to see who’s running it now, head over to Twitter and take a look.

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