Super Bowl XLIX Social Stats

Image: Flickr, Joe Parks

Hello football fans!

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events of the year not just in the sports and advertising world, but in social media land as well.

Over 28.4 million tweets were sent about the game yesterday, which is 3 million more than last year’s.

To watch the real-time tracking of tweets during yesterday’s Super Bowl, click here.

I personally enjoyed the halftime show.

Did you know Katy Perry has the most followers of anyone on Twitter?
In fact, her powerful social media presence is one of the reasons she was selected for the gig.

As for the commercials…what did you think of the Nationwide ad?

It was the brand that received the most buzz on social media, with 230,000 mentions of the company.

This would normally be a good thing, except that 63% of those mentions were negative, 25% neutral, and 12% positive.


Some would argue there’s no such thing as bad publicity. I’m not so sure…

Budweiser received the second most brand mentions on social media, with 48% of them being positive.

Coca-Cola, Fiat and Doritos were the other top brands mentioned on social yesterday.

Speaking of Doritos…

Victoria’s Secret aired their first Super Bowl commercial since 2008 last night, and Doritos had some fun by tweeting VS their “audition tape” for their next commercial.

It’s pretty funny, and you can watch it here.

Other highlights include Totino’s live tweeting of the gameon the wrong night.

That’s right—the brand was “live tweeting” about the game on Saturday.

Some believe it was done on purpose as a snarky demonstration of how “real-time marketing” isn’t always in real-time.

I think they just clicked the wrong date when pre-scheduling their tweets…oops.

So which brand is considered last night’s winner in social media?

Well, each year Twitter conducts an online polling of the Super Bowl’s best ad of the year, with fans worldwide voting.

This year’s results just came in and the winner is…


The restaurant received 200,000 mentions due to its “Pay With Lovin’” ad, and Always came in second thanks to its #LikeAGirl campaign.

Do you agree with those results?

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