How to take a smart selfie

Image: Flickr, Zach Dischner

Have you ever taken a selfie?

We all know selfies are popular, and most of us have taken some one time or another. (Whether we’ll admit it is a different story.)

Believe it or not, studies show some elements of a selfie can cause it to be more engaged with than others.

Try these tips:

-Incorporate cool, earthy tones. Selfies including these hues, such as blue and beige, performed better than those with warm tones, such as red and yellow.

-Use #NoFilter. Images tagged with this hashtag tend to be more popular, which confirms a main principle in social media that authenticity is key.

-Include 3-5 hashtags. These tend to increase the SEO of your image, leading to more potential engagement.

-Utilize interesting angles. Most people take the photo smiling straight at the camera; try taking the photo from different angles instead, and experiment not facing the camera.

-Show an interesting background. Again, most make their face the only interesting thing about the image; try instead to include an interesting object, background or captivating element in your image. (See the above image as an example.)

Next time you can’t resist taking a selfie, try using one/some of these tips to see if it helps.

Until next time,