Changes coming to Pinterest

Image: Flickr, mkhmarketing

For those of you who are avid pinners, you’ll enjoy the latest updates coming to Pinterest.

Remember verified accounts? These accounts are confirmed as legitimate and have a check mark next to their name.

This comes in handy for brands, for example, that have several imposter accounts and want to clarify to fans which account is the real deal.

Pinterest will be introducing this feature in the coming days to high-profile pinners, who will have a red check mark next to their name.

Similar to Facebook and Twitter, trending topics will also be introduced.

Search results will also be shown by category according to pins, pinners and boards, all in one list.

These updates demonstrate a continuing trend of social platforms copying features from each other that perform well.

For example, Twitter copied Facebook’s header layout, Facebook copied Twitter’s trending topics, and now Pinterest is coping both Facebook and Twitter.

Social networks do to continually evolve into better user experiences and stay competitive in social media land.

The down side is they all become increasingly similar.
Changes are expected to come tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Have a great week,