Optimize Content Use

Image: Sean MacEntee, Flickr

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When a brand has new content to share, such as a new blog post, quarterly magazine, or whitepaper, they’ll often share that content on their social channels once or twice, and then forget about it.

This is a missed opportunity since that same content can be shared several more times, highlighting different aspects of the piece.

This not only bulks up your content schedule, but helps reach new individuals who may not have seen your first round of posts.

 For example, a whitepaper can become:

-1 blog post summarizing highlights of the paper with a link to it online

-1 round of 2-5 tweets linking to the blog

-1 round of 2-5 tweets linking to the whitepaper

-2 LinkedIn posts, 1 linking to the blog and the other to the whitepaper

-2 Google+ posts, 1 linking to the blog and the other to the whitepaper

It’s important to space the content out, so it doesn’t spam your audience.

The timeline will depend on how often your brand posts.

For example, if your brand tweets once a day, your first round of tweets may only be two in one week, with a break before your next round.

A brand that tweets 15 times a day can handle 4-6 tweets a week on the same content.

Another key is to refresh the posts each time by pulling out different aspects/facts/figures.

If every posts brings a new interesting angle, your audience will often not even realize it’s the same content.

Any graphics/creative included in the content can also be pulled out, resized, and included as images in social posts/tweets to add more variety.

So remember, always think of how to get the most use of your content via social media.

If it’s evergreen, you can socialize it for weeks and months, with the appropriate spacing and breaks built in.

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