New Social Media Site Fights Cybercrime

IBM has launched a new platform for organizations to share threat intelligence for the purpose of better combating cybercrime.

The platform, called X-Force Exchange, can be accessed by private and public organizations, and shows real-time threat activity worldwide.

The platform works much like a social media site (some say it’s similar to Pinterest) where users can share their security and threat intelligence, as well as see others’.

You can create an online ID, search through and comment on a “timeline” of activity, and even invite your colleagues to join the platform.

Sound familiar?

Social media has been used by cybercriminals to advance their crimes, as well as by organizations to combat them.  However, this is the first I’ve heard of a brand new social platform being created for the sole purpose of fighting cybercrime.

This takes the use of social media to a new level, and highlights the shift towards increased collaboration among organizations in working together to fight the global rise of cybercriminal activity.

It will be interesting to watch the progress of this site, as well as its impact in the cybersecurity industry.

In the meantime, feel free to explore the site yourself here.

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