LinkedIn is More Important Than You Think

Image: Flickr, Mambembe Arts & Crafts

Hey there!

Every once in a while I'll chat with an individual who still isn't convinced LinkedIn is important for today's networking professionals. Regardless of your industry, it's a great tool to find and meet individuals who can play a key role in your career.

Consider these fast facts about LinkedIn that many individuals aren't aware of:

-It's older than Facebook and Twitter

-Students and recent college grads are the fastest growing demographics

-Professionals are joining the network at a rate of more than 2 new members per second

-It currently has more than 330 million members worldwide

-It's available in 23 different languages

-More than 4 million companies have LinkedIn pages

To give you an idea of the size of its business, LinkedIn has offices in 30 cities worldwide including Paris, London, Hong Kong, Dubai, Sydney and Sao Paulo. As a fun fact, the platform was originally going to be called "colleaguster", but its founders thought that sounded weird (which is does) and they finally settled on the name "LinkedIn".

I hope that gives you more insight into this powerful platform!

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