Ever heard of Shocase?

Hello, there!

A new social media site called Shocase has recently launched, and it’s aimed exclusively at marketing, advertising, design, PR, social media, sales and research professionals.

Imagine a LinkedIn designed specifically for these professionals, mixed in with features from Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube, and you’ve got the idea.

Professionals can create a profile, and showcase (hence their name) their past and current projects/work, along with team members who collaborated on them. Companies can also create company pages and you can follow them for updates, much like you do on other social networks.

Although I couldn’t find any information on how many current users it has, the platform looks promising and is backed by $17 million from investors (not your typical start-up company).

You can check out the platform for yourself here: www.shocase.com.

Creating a profile is free and easy, and features are pretty self-explanatory.

As with new social platforms, there’s no telling if this will tank or succeed.

Remember that as in many things, quality over quantity is best in social media; it’s better to focus on and excel in a few social platforms than to spread yourself thin and be below average in several. In other words, I would continue to use popular platforms like LinkedIn for professional networking, but definitely explore Shocase and keep an eye on it to see how it progresses to determine if you should add it to your main social media strategy.

If you decide to create a profile and play around on the platform, feel free to find me there and say hello!

Until next time,