How to Stop Facebook Videos from Autoplaying

Have you ever scrolled through your Facebook newsfeed and had videos play automatically?

This can cause your browsing speed to slow down and your data/battery to be used up.

Below are steps on how to stop videos on your Facebook newsfeed from playing automatically.


From your desktop:

-Log in to your Facebook profile

-Click the down arrow on top left of your tool bar and click “settings”

-On the left of your screen, click “video”

-In the middle of your screen, where it says “Auto-play videos”, switch the key to “off” on the right


From your Facebook App on Android:

-Open the Facebook app

-Tap the 3-horizontal-line-icon

-Scroll down and tap “app settings”

-Tap “video auto-play”

-Choose an option


From your Facebook App on iPhone/iPad:

-Go to your phone or tablet's iOS settings

-Scroll down and tap “Facebook”

-Tap “settings”

-Below “video” tap “auto-play”

-Choose an option


There you have it!

Until next time,