Funny Story

Image: Flickr, Daxis

Hi there!

I normally don't share personal anecdotes but this was so funny I couldn't resist. 

I went to a networking event here in Dallas yesterday. I arrived at the restaurant where the event was being held and the hostess indicated to go to the left of the back patio. I walked through the restaurant, reached the back patio and saw two sections; the right section was empty and roped off while the left had several tables full of individuals eating and talking while others were standing. I chose a table of ladies and sat down.

I enthusiastically introduced myself, sat down and began chatting. They offered to share their appetizers and a waitress brought me a drink. Our conversation was lively and very fun--we were sharing stories, telling jokes and having a grand time.

About 45 minutes into the conversation, I asked if this was their first time to the event. They asked what I meant. I named the organization and asked if they had been to these networking events before. They looked at me confused and said they weren't there with a networking event...

It then dawned on me...

I asked if I had just intruded on their private dinner party by randomly sitting down at their table and talking for the last hour or so.

They said yes and thought I was just very friendly! They then added I could stay because they were having a blast talking with me!

After we all stopping laughing, I apologized and promised I don't normally intrude on people's dinners. I took a glance around, trying to identify who the networkers were among the regular guests and couldn't really tell. So, I just stayed with the group of friends the rest of the event. They were even kind enough to trade business cards with me to ensure I didn't leave without having networked!

So, to my new friends at Matthews Real Estate Investment Services, thank you so much for your kindness, graciousness and hospitality! That evening was one for the books!