What's a Social Media Audit?

Image: Flickr, Nan Palmero

Hi there!

A social media audit is a great way to know where your brand is currently in its social media performance. From there, you can establish where you want to be and design a social media strategy to get you there.

If you already have a social media strategy and have been executing it, an audit is a great way to check your progress and see if your brand is performing at optimum level. If not, the audit will uncover exactly what needs to be done to improve.

The social media audit I conduct analyzes channel set up, branding, post content, post frequency, post performance, audience reaction, and integration into your overall online strategy. I also give a SWOT analysis as well as next steps to take for progress.

I can also analyze your competitors to pinpoint where your brand is relative to them in the social media landscape. You'll know who's dominating what platform and why, as well as what to do to maintain or take the lead. 

Of course, this is all presented in an easy-to-understand format designed for non-social media professionals to comprehend. After all, your social media team works with non-social media teams within your organization who can play a part in your overall online strategy.

I have the privilege of leading a workshop at the upcoming Social Media Strategies Summit in Dallas, Texas and walk attendees in auditing their brands' social media channels. If you plan on attending, I can't wait to meet you!

If you can't attend and are interested in learning more about this audit, please contact me and I'd love to help!