10 social media tips from SXSW

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Social media gurus Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick have written a book called The Art of Social Media.

They were at SXSW last week and presented 10 social media tips to power your personal and company brands. I had the privilege of attending the conference, as well as their session, and have included the 10 tips below for you!

1. Be valuable. Always provide value to your audience. Don’t think about what you want to say; think about what they want to hear.

2. Be clever. Use aggregating tools to find popular content and share it. 

3. Be gracious. Stay positive on social media, or stay silent. It’s not the place to argue.

4. Be organized. Use the right tools to schedule your posts and report on their performance.

5. Be dramatic. Add rich media whenever possible to your posts to boost engagement.

6. Be optimal. Perfect your profile photo, background and bio sections with great images and key words.

7. Be bold. Don’t be afraid to show your passions and voice your opinions.

8. Be informed. Don’t fall to social media scams, such as the bots that try to sell you followers.

9. Be active. Try posting different content at different times in different formats to see what works best.

10. Be curious. Jump on new social platforms to explore them when they come out. If they’re no use to you, close your account.


Which tip do you find most helpful?

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