5 tips for your personal online brand

Image: Flickr, Camilo Rueda Lopez

Developing a personal brand online via social media is a boost to your career, as well as to your company since its strongest brand advocates are its own employees. 

Below are a few tips to keep your personal brand in tip-top shape.

1.       Choose your area(s) of expertise. What do you want to be known for? This will serve as the central theme for your content.

2.       Choose your main social channels. LinkedIn and Twitter are recommended, but there can be others you use professionally as well. Only open a few channels you can keep up with regularly. It’s no good to have profiles on several but be inactive.

3.       Maintain a consistent name, bio, and professional profile photo across your channels. This makes it easy for your audience to recognize you.

4.       Post regularly. Set goals and try to stick to them. For example, 3 tweets a day and 3 LinkedIn posts a week are good starting goals.

5.       Respond to your community. Monitor your notifications daily and reply/engage back with individuals who reach out to you.

6.       Be proactive!  Expand your circles by connecting with new professionals, commenting on others’ posts, and starting online discussions.

Maintaining an online brand isn’t difficult—it just takes time and perseverance.

If you have any questions, please let me know! I’m always ready to help out when needed.

Until next time,