Secret Facebook Code Discovered

Do you use Facebook’s Messenger App?
If you do, this tip is for you.

Time Magazine reported a hacker recently discovered a hidden payment option inside Facebook’s Messenger App.

The code would reportedly allow users to send each other money via a message on the app and debit card information.

Remember, Twitter recently released an option for users in France to send each other money via a tweet.

Now, Facebook is headed in the same direction.
(Facebook’s CEO did state that the messenger app and payments would soon overlap.)

Why the interest in money transactions?

Some believe Facebook plans on one day allowing customers to buy merchandise through Facebook via the app.

Others believe it’s after the credit card industry, where it could undercut high interchange fees with its debit card transactions.

Whatever the reason, one thing is clear—social networks continue to provide ways for you to live your entire life on their platform.

Remember, the more you stay on their platform, the more social networks collect your data, which attracts advertisers and generates money.

It will be interesting to see what happens with this. Let's keep an eye on it!

Until next time,